Affiliate Management System

Before completing your application, it is essential that you discuss your application for your title (new, renewal or progression) with your School or Centre Nominators. This is only a discussion and does not require a formal letter to accompany the submission. The contact details for the relevant School, Centre or Research Institute are listed here.

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Honorary titles recognise the benefit the University receives from contributions to teaching, research and other services provided to it on an honorary basis and provides for the award of several categories of titles (honorary, clinical, adjunct and conjoint) in acknowledgment of such contributions. To be registered as Supervisor and Lead Supervisor for HDR students you are required to hold an honorary title.
A research affiliate is an individual who is not an honorary title holder, and who is contributing to the University’s research productivity as a named investigator on a grant; and/or an author on a publication; or a creator of any other form of research output
A research administrator is an individual who is involved in the management or administration of research information for the University and who requires access to University systems

Privacy Statement

The University of Sydney uses the Affiliates Management System (AMS) for the purpose of managing and processing your application to become an affiliate of the University of Sydney and, if you are successful in becoming an affiliate, to create your ongoing affiliate HR record.

We collect personal information about you when you create an application in AMS, including your name, address, contact details, gender, where you would like to work in the University, any previous affiliations with the University, any previous applications for affiliation, any current roles in NSW local health districts, the purpose of your proposed affiliation role and plans you have for it, referees and supporting documentation such as a resume. If you are applying to become an International Visitor, the University may also request citizenship and visa information as part of your application. Successful applicants may also be asked to provide proof of citizenship or right to work.

We collect, use and share your information to enable you to apply for affiliation with the University of Sydney, to enable your application to be assessed by appropriate staff within the Faculty of Medicine and Health, and to ensure successful applicants can be onboarded into the University HR, ICT and facility environments. Your information may also be used for verification checks and other HR management processes. Your application may be referred to other Schools within the Faculty of Medicine and Health, if you could be considered for an affiliate position in these areas.

We will not share your personal information with anybody else, unless you have given consent, to protect other users, or we are authorised or required to do so by law.

We will store your personal information securely and dispose of it in accordance with our Recordkeeping Policy 2017.

Your application to be become an affiliate is treated confidentially by the University and the information you provide through AMS will be stored securely in the University's corporate recordkeeping system.

Providing your personal information is voluntary, however if you do not provide all requested information we may not be able to process your application for affiliation.

For more information about how we will handle your personal information, how you can request to access or correct the personal information we hold about you, and who to contact if you have a privacy enquiry or complaint, please see our privacy webpage.

Supporting Documentation

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By submitting your Expression of Interest for Affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine and Health you are acknowledging that you have spoken with the required Nominator from your chosen School/ Centre/MRI regarding your proposed affiliation.

Please note that applications submitted without prior discussion will be rejected.

If your expression of interest is approved by the Faculty of Medicine and Health, our HR Team will request you to provide proof of identity and current visa (if required). Once verified you will receive notification of your affiliation via our HR Management System, Workday, with instructions on how to accept your affiliation.